How to play beer pong?

It’s a little games that are very well known and which are so happy to play among young people such as beer pong. This is a simple American game for parties and other entertainment and required minimal skills to be able to play.

For this game you need to: Longer table, Plastic cups (12 or 16 pieces), Standard balls ping pong, Beer (or any other liquor).

The aim of the game

The aim of the game is to hit the ball across the table in the cups of the opposing team and so make them drink a glass of drink you guessed it.

  1. Setting the field

On each side of the table stack of glasses filled with alcohol (in the form of a triangle – as in bowling clubs) that will serve as a target for shooting the ball and put another glass of water with each, which will be used to wash the balls between shooting

  1. Choosing the teams

The game can be played one on one or one team against another, depending on how many players.

  1. Selection of the team that moves first

This can be determined by ordinary game of “match – odd” or agreement

  1. Shooting

Each team throws the ball once. If a ball is inserted into the cup, the opponent player is required to have a drink from the cup into which the ball is hit. After a drink, then the other team has the right to throw the ball. If a player misses, the opposing team starts throwing glasses without having to sip his drink.

Other rules

To order who must drink you must agree whether to go in a circle “who is next from the team to drink” or you choose a variant that opponent chooses a player from the other team to drink.

Players are not allowed to shoot glasses if you have not taken your drink – if someone from the team shoot, and a player from the same team has not had a drink, followed by a penalty kick and all players on a team must drink a glass of drink.

You can play that glasses are affected again filled with a drink or to simply remove from the table.