How to make advent wreath?

With a little creativity and imagination, make your Advent wreath.

You need:

1. Straw Wreath

2. Satin ribbon (or woolen yarn)

3. Decorative plate

4. Adhesive

5. Scissors

6. Spray in silver colour

7. Ornaments: cones, almonds, walnuts or any other decorations

8. Four candles

Method of preparation:

1. Around the wreath wrap tape. Paste the ends of the cornice that can not be seen

2. On the surface/plate set candles

3. Ornaments that you choose, spray it with silver spray and wait a few minutes to dry.

(We recommend that you do it in the open, on a waterproof surface)

4. When the decorations become dried arrange them by choice around candles or paste around the cornice

Note: you can play with other colors tape, candles or spray.