YouTube Kids – the kids-friendly app

, YouTube Kids – the kids-friendly app

The most popular video-sharing platform on the Internet, YouTube, has launched the app especially made for children. YouTube has released the new application intended solely for children, called YouTube Kids. Application for children will have content tailored for the youngest, but the function of control so that parents can monitor and restrict the number of hits, or to eliminate sound with the video content.

Children’s version of mega-popular video service is the response of the desire of many parents all over the world that are dissatisfied with the violent and sexually explicit content that is available for their children. To meet the children’s and parents needs,  YouTube has decided to create and launch this type of app, that is now available on App Store and Google Play.

The mobile application is adapted to use on smart phones and tablets, and focuses on easing of the use and filtering the content, that parents find inconvenient for their children to watch, so that children could safely and easily watch their favorite TV shows and other content on this famous platform. YouTube Kids is an application for children whose content is filtered especially for the youngest, but the function of control works in a way that parents can monitor and restrict the number contents and views on YouTube. In addition to the built-in security features, the application allows parents additional control facilities, as well as limiting the time children can spend watching YouTube content.

Apart from its content, YouTube Kids has a simplified user interface, which is more suitable for children. As a result of that, this app has somewhat larger images and voice enabled searches since most young children cannot still type. If a child intentionally or accidentally chooses inappropriate words like “sex“, on the screen will automatically appear the notification that advises them to try something else.

Among the main partners of this app, there are several actors from the world of entertainment like are Dreamworks Studios and National Geographic.