How to correctly choose the clothes if you are low growth (for men)

Usually, the low man is a person who is below 168 cm, regardless of whether you’re skinny, chubby, muscular or athletic. This means that your torso or legs are shorter than the average. In general it is considered that the lower ones can much easier find a suitable clothes than high people, because they always have the option to shorten or reshape what is too long.

The next time you go to shopping clothes, please note that any items of clothing to buy in order to properly hide the flaws. When it comes to pants or jeans, make sure that they are not wrinkled at the cuff and hem must fall over footwear. Do not roll up pants because that way you will visually shorten the leg, and will act even lower. Do not wear too tight or baggy pants. If you have short legs, make sure that your seat belt on the trousers is high on the pike, and if you have a short torso wear straight leg pants.

When buying jackets and coats also avoid too broad and choose shorter because you will thus extend the legs.

For the upper part, buy pieces that visually draw attention to your face. This means that buying shirts with pointy collars, and avoid, for example, already deep express or jackets and sweaters with double-breasted.

When it comes to colors and patterns than the choice depends more on the width than the height. For example, men that are lower and plus a little thicker should avoid striped designs as they expand so that you can act even thicker. Brighter colors are mostly recommended to slimmer, while dark colors are recommended little fuller as it will thus operate leaner.

In any case, the high men generally correspond to a single color combinations because they extend figure. Shirts, T-shirts or blouses should be with discrete prints and patterns, avoid large patterns and in particular cubes.

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