How to make homemade brown bread

, How to make homemade brown bread

Bread is one of the staple foods and we can find it in a variety of combinations of ingredients, shape and taste. However, many of us prefer to feel the flavor of freshly baked bread that spreads our kitchen. Homemade bread made in a combination of ingredients that we choose certainly has a special charm. This is a simple recipe and very tasty. This bread can knead with a combination of seeds or without them.

Ingredients are:

–       1 kg of flour for brown bread

–       About 3 dl lukewarm water

–       2 yeast, the best dry yeast

–       2 teaspoons of salt

–       80 gr. of sesame

–       60 gr.of flaxseed


–       In a larger container reintroduced flour and dry yeast and add the salt, mixing so while still in powder form. Finally pour the seeds and once again stir. Easily put lukewarm water gradually, stirring slowly ground by hand. We should not pour all the water at once, but slowly and mixed by hand to feel the density of mass. The dough should be harder, but not too much, but so that it is easy to knead. When sufficiently understand the dough should be left in a warm place to stand for about 40 minutes, always covered with multiple layers of fabric or several patch. After 45 minutes the dough gently knead again and leave for 10 minutes to stand.

–       Prepare the mold or baking dish with shape you desire to be your bread. It looks nice when it is round and then mold should not be narrower than 28 cm, that bread would not be too thick when baked. At the bottom of the mold or pan put a greasy paper that after baking bread easily separated from the bottom. Dough switch into a mold, mild pressures spread it to fill the mold. Hands wet with lukewarm water and the top layer of bread switch with wet hands. To be beautiful and to look from above sprinkle with sesame seeds.

–       All thus prepared is left to stand for 20 minutes.

–       Oven heat up to 200 degrees and bake it for about 45 minutes.

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