How to improve your WiFi signal

Weak WI-Fi signal can be very frustrating. Whatever the reason is, if you need to boost up your Wi-Fi signal, there are several ways of doing it. By boosting-up I do not imply spending any additional money on buying new equipment.

1. Check the channels
The first time you setup and configure Wi-Fi, it is most likely set to a specific channel. It is usually set to a channel that is less crowded, but it does not always have to be like that. There are free online tools that you can use to check where the channel your router, or a device that directs data packets on their way through a computer network. These tools will also help you look for a channel which is less congested.

2. Move the equipment
The problem may be in the fact that your router is stuck somewhere between the base of the wireless phone, game console, TV, hi-fi, entertainment center or any other device.
Or it can even be located in any part of your home that is separated from the part where you usually connect to Wi-Fi. Everything from metal objects, through the walls to the floors can interrupt your Wi-Fi signal and reduce the signal strength. Find a place away from metal objects, preferably in the center of your home, equally distant from all rooms. Be creative and regard the function of the room you place it in. Sometimes it can be a bathroom or kitchen.

3. Beer
Yes, beer. When things get worse, it is time to get them a cold beer.
Step 1: Take a beer in a can.
Step 2: Drink it.
Step 3: Cut off the bottom of the can.
Step 4: Cut the upper part of the can, but not all the way, so you can leave one part fixed with a hole through which expires beer.
Step 5: Cut the can with scissors so that it opens like a sheet of paper.
Step 6: Pull the router antenna through hole in the can, or additionally add a drop of glue to fix the widespread can.