How to increase the male fertility

, How to increase the male fertility

Recently published results of conducted research warn that men who eat a lot of foods of animal origin, such as fatty meat, meat products and full-fat dairy products seem to lose the quality of their semen. Besides that, the semen quality is reduced with excessive use of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, reduced physical activity. Other factors that directly affect the semen quality are age and exposure to possible toxic chemicals; stress, unhappiness and depression.

What to eat

A healthy, balanced diet not only prevents the occurrence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, gallstones, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or stroke, but may be of great importance for male reproductive health.

If one of the reasons for you to start a diet is increase of the fertility, we advise you to avoid a diet that excludes carbohydrates, such as Atkins and similar protein diet, since they reduce testosterone levels by 1/3. On the contrary, future fathers are advised extensive physical activity and that they do not forget the higher carbohydrate intake, especially before training. Future father should stick to foods with a low glycemic index and base of carbohydrates such as white potatoes, oats, rye, whole meal pasta and whole meal bread. Of course, avoid eat carbohydrates the evening, after the training.

Choose fruits and vegetables

Men who do consume enough fruits and vegetables have a bad overall quality of sperm. It is especially recommended to increase the intake of spinach, chard and broccoli, since they contain coenzyme Q1O, which increases sperm motility.

Vitamins A, D and E, are important since they regulate testosterone levels and sperm. The best sources of vitamin A are carrots cooked in broth, cheese, eggs, oily fish (mackerel, salmon), milk, yogurt, butter, liver. Sunbathing in the fresh air will increase the level of vitamin D, and vegetable oils and nuts are an important source of vitamin E. As part of the treatment of infertility conducted supplementation with vitamin E. due to its antioxidant properties, this vitamin protects sperms from free radicals.

A champion of the sperm mobility is a vitamin C that improves the quality of semen, protects it from oxidative damage and agglutination. So citrus fruits, pepper, pomegranate are very welcomed.

The male diet should be rich in folic acid. This will reduce the possibility of creating abnormal sperm and thus reduces the likelihood of conception of children with genetic disorders. Folic acid can be found in vegetables and fruits like lettuce, peas, spinach, kale, beans, nuts, peanuts, wheat germ, tuna, tomato, spinach, yeast, asparagus, broccoli, banana, lemon, orange, melon, milk, eggs , or the liver, kidney, egg yolk.

There are studies showing that selenium increases sperm motility. Zinc is also a need of the normal functioning of the sexual organs. Zinc deficiency in the body reduces testosterone levels, and therefore the introduction of zinc in men with low testosterone is important, because it increases the sperm count and fertility.

What to avoid

For many couples, the acid-base ratio in the body relationship is broken and leans in favor of acid, which can cause sterility. Foods that increase the acidity in the organism are meat, dairy products, soft drinks, white sugar and refined sugar products. Fruits and vegetables tend to reduce the acidity.

Fans of sweetened juices have a lower sperm count and one of the theory is that this that the excess sugar might be the reason for the decrease in testosterone levels. So less sweetened and artificial juices can lead to increased fertility!

Men who eat soy products (soy is rich in phytoestrogens, similar to female sex hormones) have fewer sperm than those who do not consume soy. This reduction is not great, however, can be significant for men who already have a problem with the number of spermatozoa.

The tendency of alcohol consumption can reduce testosterone levels and affect fertility in men, but also the realization of the sexual act. Moderate consumption of one to two drinks a day is acceptable. The wine is a better choice in that of moderation.

Forget about the cigarettes, since smoking reduces sperm count and reduces their mobility while reducing the level of testosterone.

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