How to make a balloon chocolate bowl

, How to make a balloon chocolate bowl

Chocolate dishes are not only functional but also very decorative and the most delicious dishes you’ve ever eaten. With that being said and the fact that they are very simple to make, hopefully it you will make them when you have a party, or when you want to surprise your guests.

For this little culinary trick you only need high quality cooking chocolate and some balloons, and we guarantee you that all the hard work will pay off when you see the delighted faces once you serve your favorite ice-cream or fruit salad in this chocolate dish.

Step 1: Inflate the balloons, and optionally, lubricate the lower parts of those balloons with some oil.  

Step 2: Dissolve the chocolate slowly on a steam or in the microwave in a slightly larger bowl. Choose the one in which will fit the inflated balloons.

Step 3: Dip the balloons to about half in melted chocolate, or sip the chocolate with a spoon over the lower part of a balloon.

Step 4: Pour some chocolate on a baking paper, which will be the bottom of the chocolate bowl.

Step 5: Place the chocolate-dipped balloons on the chocolate bottoms and let the chocolate cool and harden. Place them into the freezer for about an hour.

Step 6: Once the dish has formed, pop the balloons and carefully remove them from the chocolate formed bowl.

Step 7: Put your desert in the bowl and enjoy. 

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