How to recognize a gold

, How to recognize a gold

By some standards, all less than 10 karat is not gold. So, if you suspect that your gold necklace or ring are really golden, the best thing to do is to go to a certified jeweler and have it tested because it is the most reliable way to find out whether you have the real thing or a fake. However, if you are willing to experiment and find out whether you really have gold jewelry or not, we bring you a few tests that can help you.

Visual inspection

The first way to verify gold is to look at it. Look for some signs that will tell you that the jewel is real gold.

Search for official stamps. Stamp actually determines the fineness of gold. Gold is divided into the following categories:

• 8 carat gold, the seal 333

• 14 carat gold, the seal 585

• 18 carat gold, the seal 750

• 20 carat gold, the seal 833 (dental gold)

• 21 carat gold, the seal 900 (coins)

• 22 carat gold, the seal 916 (coins)

• 23 carat gold, the seal 986 (ducats)

• 24 carat gold, pure gold, fineness 999

Also, the label for silver is 925, and the platinum mark is 950.

But if you do not find a stamp, which does not mean it is not real gold, if the old jewelry can be erased due to wearing.

Also, if the jewelry has a stamp, that does not mean that it cannot be fake and it still needs more testing.

Look for discoloration

Check the discoloration on areas that touch the skin and are subjected to wear (usually around the edges).

If the jewelry in places changed the color and see the other metal below, you probably have gold plated jewelry.

The bite test

We’ve all seen the old movies that trader or bartender bite coin to check whether the gold.

Gently bite the gold. Look for bite marks. In theory, the real gold will show the indentation of the tooth, and the deeper the mark, the cleaner the gold.

This actually is not recommended, because you can easily damage the teeth. Not to mention that the lead is softer than the gold, and if you bite the gold plated, the lead will quickly rise to the surface, and you risk the chances of biting it. And we all know that lead is toxic.

The magnet test

This is a very simple test, but certainly not comprehensive and secure way to determine whether the gold is legit. Do not use weak magnets (like the ones in the fridge), but look for stronger magnets in specialty stores or use some of the old speakers.

Since the gold is a non-magnetic metal, the magnet that you use for the test it should not attract it. If it does, you have a fake. However, just because your piece of jewelry does not respond to a magnet does not necessarily mean that it is real gold. People engaged in gold related frauds often use other non-magnetic metals.


, How to recognize a gold
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, How to recognize a gold
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