How to properly store winter and summer tires

Storage of tires during the months in which they do not use it is inevitable if you have two sets of tires (winter and summer), ie. If you do not have tires for all seasons (universal). The way you store your tires can affect their lifetime so it is good to read and adopt the following tips, as you will be safer on the road and save a lot of money, considering that bad tires endangering all road users and consume more fuel. There are two possibilities: that you both sets of tires are mounted on wheels and can store the tires with rims, or to store only the tires and when replacing them doing assembly / disassembly with wheels. By applying the advice in this article will extend the life of the tire, and do the right thing so they would not lose their basic properties to the following season.

Preparation for tire storage

Before removing the tire from the car mark positions where they were located, for example. FL stands for front left, RR is rear right, and so on. When installing these tires next season, the rear tires (RR and RL) can be mounted forward, at the place of FL and FR, and those F switch back. This tire rotation is done because the tires on different axles uneven wear. It is important that the tires before disposal well wash and wipe them dry and good to prevent corrosion. Remove the small stones from the crampon tires to avoid being sore. If we keep tires without rims, it is good to be cleaned and on the inside and the outside. Then the tire is inflated to the recommended 3 bar, because it will certainly drop over time.

Room for storage tyre

The temperature in the warehouse, basement or a third room where you plan to keeping tires should not be higher than 25 ° C. The properties of rubber compounds are subject to change and reduce the life of the tire if the room temperature is higher than 25 ° C or below 0 ° C. It is desirable that the room is dark and dry. Humidity should not be so high that condensation occurs on the tires. It is recommended that tires isolate from light, particularly from direct sunlight and intense artificial light with a high UV content.

Method of disposal of tyre

When disposing of tires it is important that they are disposed of freely in their natural position, then they at least straining. It is very important that they are not under a lot of pressure or torsion. Tires that are on wheels are stored horizontally or hang on the brackets. If you store your tires horizontally, recommended changing their position at least once a month, to prevent deformation of tires. If you have tires without rims, will properly store them if you keep them upright on the floor, next to one another. In this case it is necessary to rotate them a little (third round) every month, in order to avoid deformed. Make sure the tires are right.