How to plan a perfect Valentine’s Day getaway

Romantic getaway is a perfect way to spend a Valentine’s Day with the person you love. All you need is a little on-time organization, roses, chocolate, wine, and the one you love, and I am sure your Valentines’ day will be unforgettable. In order to make a perfect surprise escape, you will have to bear in mind few things.

Privacy is a MUST

Try to find accommodation where you will have your own cabin, weather it is a cottage or other private space. Breakfast included in the price might be a neat attachment nice, but do not take merely that into consideration, while the accommodation objects that tend to give such services, usually lack the privacy asset that you need.

Countryside accommodation

Countryside will make that perfect romantic atmosphere you are searching for. You will probably have more privacy, plenty of space for long romantic walks and serenity for perfect time together away from it all; a place with a hot tub or Jacuzzi tub is a bonus addition.

Leave all the obligations

Make sure to finish all your obligations on time, so that neither residues, nor sudden interruptions spoil your little getaway.

Do mind the details

Consider calling ahead the local florist in the area in order to organize a nice bouquet of flowers to be delivered at the place you are staying. Women might consider bringing along their lingerie and most alluring perfume.

Surprises never end

Taking into consideration the weather conditions, consider organizing a small picnic as an additional surprise for a perfect Valentine’s Day. However, if the weather does not allow outdoor picnic, then make a nice indoor picnic, and make sure to prepare a blanket, some meal and an unforgettable bottle of wine.

Do the browsing

Do some online research ahead of time in order to arrange reservations at the finest restaurants at that area, and try to set a nice table by the window or fireplace.

Turn off the unnecessary devices

Bring along some body oils and a book on massage techniques, if you are not exactly, what they would call, an expert. Turn off the television and your gadgets and put on some soft music, or just enjoy each other’s company in silence.