How to play Texas Holdem Poker?

Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular form of poker in the world. Regarded by many as the most demanding and most interesting form of poker to play, and so is the fact that the world champion decides to just Texas Holdem poker tables.

Texas Holdem poker – rules of the game

Texas Holdem poker games are taking place so that all players receive at 2 cards that only they can see (the so-called. “Hole cards” or “pocket cards”). After that, the table sets five community cards (the so-called. “Community Cards”) and the goal of Texas Holdem poker game is to assemble the best possible hand of five community cards and two maps that the player holds in his hand. For drawing hand is can be used 2 cards in your hand and three cards from the table or map in one hand and four cards from the table, or no card in hand and all five cards on the board.

In Texas Hold’em poker, a player is taken as the divisor (since it starts sharing the first map). Player Position from which the cards are dealt is called the button. In most poker application you will see a small button labeled D, which indicates where the button is currently located or which player split tickets. When the game is over before it starts a new, button moves one position in a clockwise direction.

In Texas Holdem poker game there are 4 rounds of investment money.

Pre-flop (before the flop): Before you start the game, the players who are on the big blind and small blind on the table must make their forced role, the height of which depends on the tables where the game. After that, the dealer deals two cards to each player where each player can see only their pocket cards. When the maps division follows the investment and the first in line is the player who is behind the big blind, the first position (the so-called. “Under the Gun” position). In order to participate in the game, the player must either pay the big blind (call) or raise the higher amount (raise) otherwise must give up (fold).

The first player to the dealer invests the small blind. He invested money in the pot although not yet seen their cards. The money needs to be invested is determined by the limit in your current game and it is a smaller part of the limit. Limit $ 5 / $ 10 means that the small blind is $ 5 and the big blind $ 10. The second player from the dealer or the first of the small blind and big blind he also like the small blind must put money into the pot even though he did not see his cards. The money needs to be invested is determined by the limit in your current game. Level $ 5 / $ 10 means that the big blind is $ 10.

Once all players who have not given up, call – have all roles, Pre flop play is completed and is following next:

The flop:

The dealer turns first 3 community cardss, and this is called the flop. This time, the investment starts small blind, or if he gave up the game before the flop, then the first player left of the dealer (dealer or Button).


Now the table turns the fourth community card and again repeated investment. In no limit, no restrictions.


On the table is placed fifth community card and another recurring investment.


After all investments on the river called and if the game remained more than one player, there is Showdown or showing of hands. Pocket shows the first player who made the last bet or raise on the final betting round (the river). If no one has made a bet or raise, the map shows the first player left of the dealer (dealer). Cards of remaining players are then automatically detected in the order in a clockwise direction unless their hand is weaker than previously demonstrated hand. In this case, the player can choose whether to show their cards or not (if you do not show, it is called the “muck”). The top 5 cards wins the pot. In the event that more players have the same hand, the pot is split between them.

This is the gamut from strongest to weakest hand in poker: