How to set festive table

, How to set festive table

Festivals and celebrations are popular and frequently present phenomenon in our nation. But sometimes unexpected guests may give rise to candles lunch or dinner. If you want best way to host your friends, start by setting the table and cutlery. Let the aesthetic moment impress guests and open their appetite. In addition, properly were putting what helps better organization and quicker service during dinner. Your guests will surely notice that you have a cultural and meticulous and that you have them with lots of love and attention expected.

It takes a bit of concentration and a bit of planning by aligning number of chairs, appropriate plates and other accessories according to the number or the number and the type of food we prepared. Do not forget that your kindness and smiling face are crucial to host luncheon or dinner succeeded.

–       Choose a clean, ironed tablecloth that you cover the table. Coasters can get over it, but the ceremony will not rely solely on them.

–       The decoration is usually floral arrangement at centerpiece or candlestick or combined.

–       Put salt and pepper to be constantly on the table, and other spices if necessary.

–       At each place set at a higher and shallower continuous plate which does not relate before dessert.

–       At constant plate comes or deep plate or shallow dish middle when there is an appetizer.

–       Before each new dish that will serve the feast remove the previous plates and set clean through fixed plate.

–       Plate for bread stands to the left of the permanent plates, as well as containers for salad, however, do not serve the salad before it is needed.

–       On the same side should be placed handkerchiefs or paper napkins.

–       Cutlery is served on the left and right side of each plate according to certain rules. Accessories that the last use should state the nearest plate. The most basic is to know that all kinds of knives and spoons for soup go to the right side, and ordinary fork and fork for the fish on the left. The top end plate standing accessories for cheese and various desserts.

–       Accessories for capturing food should be kept on a separate small table on which stands the food.

, How to set festive table
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, How to set festive table
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