Battery killer applications

Smart phones are becoming stronger and more diversified every moment, but unfortunately the battery life does not seem to follow the development of smartphones. It seems that more advanced applications of the smartphones are dramatically shortening the battery life.

The average user has about 30 applications on his smartphone device, but the most commonly used are those related to social networking, texting and streaming. The problem is that precisely those applications are the biggest battery consumers.

The biggest consumers of battery power are applications that run automatically when the smart phone ignites. Those are apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and WhatsApp. These applications run constantly in the background and are constantly connected to the Internet because they seek new ‘patches’ for their system.

From the group of applications that do not run automatically, largest battery consumers are Amazon, Snapchat, LINE, Spotify and Netflix. These applications will use a lot of energy out of your battery, but unlike Facebook, they will do so only when they are active.

Studies have not included the games but they were treated separately due to the large number and variety that exist on the market. In this category, the largest battery consumer of is the popular Candy Crush Saga.

AVG’s has offered some solutions to extend battery life. Those advices are to restrict push notification, turn off the WiFi connection, lower the screen brightness and turn off location services.