How to reject others – say YES to saying NO

, How to reject others – say YES to saying NO

It can be pretty tough to refuse someone, and yet, if you never reject anyone, it leaves you with no time for yourself. So it’s good if you know how to say “no”, and even better if you can say it in a sufficiently sensitive manner.

Yes to saying “No!”

There are four main reasons why to say no:

  1. Saying no is not always selfish act. That response leaves us with more time to focus on the tasks we have obliged to do.
  2. Saying “NO” allows us to try new ways to solve problems. Refusing other leaves us enough time to perform the tasks the best we can.
  3. Saying “YES” is not always healthy. Accumulated stress can affect our health.
  4. By saying “YES” to performing other tasks, you are doing them counter-favor because it makes others less competitive and does not makes them use their potential.

How to reject others

Be firm and polite, but do not make a lot of excuses

Knowing how to say no is one of the most useful skills that can develop if you want to live a healthy and productive life. Situations where the need to tell someone “no” do not happen every day.

By refusing tasks or applications that do not fit into the schedule will give you the time to recover from earlier efforts and prepare for the jobs that are important to you. In order to learn how to say “no” to someone, we suggest the following approaches:

Unfortunately, I was prevented

Say it with understanding, but firm. Instead of ‘I can’, there are more effective expressions to use, like ‘I was prevented’, ‘I was not possible’ or ‘not feasible’. These excuses suggest that you’re not responsible for the failure to comply the request, but that these other things did not allow it. If the other party and ask the reasons for refusal, you can tell him you already have a schedule that you cannot change. Most reasonable people will accept this explanation.


I’ll tell you later

If directly refusal seems to be overly harsh too aggressive, use the expression, ” let me think of it and I’ll get back to you “. The delay will give you time to reconsider your schedule and see if you can fit the required service to your time. Also, the person that is asking a favor might find another solution and give up.  Prevent others from usurping your precious time.

Can I do something else?

If they really wanted to help, but now you do not have time to complete that specific service, offer partial assistance or alternative. Say, “I can do all that you ask, but I could do part of it, or something else.” Thus you will show good will and if you agree, do good work that does not interfere with your needs.

Practice saying “no.” Once you get used to it to hear yourself telling it, the others will follow your new habit. And remember, saying “No” to others often means saying “Yes” to you, your time and your obligations.

, How to reject others – say YES to saying NO
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, How to reject others – say YES to saying NO
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