How to treat burns

, How to treat burns

Many burns are the result of accidents in the household. Heat, friction or various chemicals can brick or opare skin. Fast first aid is of great importance and with fast and relieves mild burns.

When it comes to burns should first remove jewelry or clothing that may exert pressure on the affected part. First aid for burns is to hold the affected area under water for at least 10 minutes. The water will cool the skin and alleviate the burning sensation. If the water is not at hand it may be helpful and cold milk or iced tea, or any cold liquid that does not irritate the skin. After that burn should be covered with a sterile, non-adherent bandage or any clean, dry cloth which absorbs.

After providing first aid burns can heal itself, but in how they can help the following:

–       Lavender oil. Apply oil to burn and cover with gauze and edges attached patch. Add oil every two hours during the next 24 hours, but do not remove the gauze! However, if you and then burns healed, then you should mix 6 drops of lavender and two drops of geranium oil with a teaspoon of oil from seeds grape or sweet almond oil. It should be repeated four times a day until the burn is past.

–       St. John’s Wort oil. The new oil has long been known as an oil which is applied to wounds, including burns on. It is used to treat minor burns and sunburn in a way that is applied to the damaged area.

–       Aloe vera. Use a gel of aloe vera so it is applied to the wound. But the list also can be effective. It should be cut to length and juice from it to burn.

–       Unguent of calendula. This effective sunburn and other burns lesser degree such as burns of irons, ovens and the like. On the burnt spot fat should be worked into the process repeated several times during the day.

–       In the fight against burns can be an effective and lotion or ointment of elder flower, yogurt, honey, egg …

Small burns that affect the top layer of skin can be treated at home without a doctor’s visits. However, if it is a deeper and larger burns, especially those caused by the electric require medical advice. Doctor should be visited and if it is a strong burns in the mouth and throat, the burn where it creates pus, swelling, and severe redness, as well as for burns that are deeper than the surface of the skin.

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