How to twist hair

, How to twist hair

Anthropologists have found that the most beautiful people are those with face features like a child. So beauty is usually represented with small and snub nose, rosy cheeks, big eyes, curls. Curls and wavy hair give gentler overall look and give the impression of pleasant and positive people. A first impression is sometimes the only, so it’s worth it. If mother nature is not rewarded you with perfect curls, you can make them by yourself.

The hair can be easily screwed or something more complicated in several ways. Choose which suits you best:


Depending on the thickness of the braids you can have a smaller or bigger waves. Tying more braids of hair roots and attach it with softer rubbers for hair. It is best to sleep with this hair style to the morning had wavy hair.


Cut pieces of clothes in the shape of a rectangle, measuring about 2x15cm. The strips shall be of coarser fabrics, that would simulate the curlers. Divide the hair into smaller strands. At the top of each strand place the strip in the middle fingers and hold the end of the hair and start to wrap the strip towards the root of the hair, as a roll. When entire strand of hair simply tie the ends of the strips to each other in the not too pinched node. Let your hair so dry and than weave strips.

Nylon socks

It sounds funny, but it really is easy to twist hair with the help of old nylon stockings or tights. The twisting is performed in the same manner as scraps, only even easier and faster. Cut the nylon stocking over a length of about 15cm and use it for twisting the strands.


Separate thinner strands of hair, kill them longitudinally into a spiral, and then turn. With so wrapped strand form balls and attach the hairpin at the end. If you install them nice you can comfortably sleep with them. If you do not want so tiny curls, but only mild, large waves do the same to the whole piece. Fasten your wet hair into a bun and secure it with hairpin. When it becomes dry you will have an interesting hairdo.

Brush Blow Dry

Curls you can make by use of a round brush to blow dry. If you use a thin brush, curls will be smaller and better shaped and vice versa. Dry hair layer by layer, strand by strand. Wind the lock of the brush, implying the first end hair until the vertex and so hold for a while (as you can to get through) by heating hairdryer. Brush and then gently pull the strands of hair, without combing. Just leave formed curl to dry out a little air. Do the same for the whole piece. In the end, just a little loose hair, shape if you need to comb or your fingers and secure with hair spray.

Brushes for twisting

These are special brushes, electric, which is pressing the button rotates along the hair strand. If you are skilled, you can have your hair for a few minutes. Roll each clump around the shaft brushes fingers and brush to its rotation and warm air do his. A disadvantage is that you should be well practiced and have synchronized movements with brushes and hands. Also, hair can become entangled in the shaft and tear. Enough cost as all electrical appliances-spoil. However, they are very effective in the rapid creation of locks.

Curler / Iron

Modern ways to create perfect curls. If you are clever, of course. The most important step is to protect from excessive heat. It is the best if the hair is dried or at least corrected and well combed. Strand by strand the wraps on a curling iron or, with the curler (circular cross section), hair only wrap around his shaft, while iron (which is flat) wrap with a lock of hair from the top to the root. Briefly hold in this position when you release, a strand is twisted. If you make a mistake, you have to dabble pencil and reapplied means of twisting. Modifications “dry” will not give the desired effect, but will be a piece of crumpled.

, How to twist hair
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, How to twist hair
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