How to use a baby diapers – for your flowers

If you are one of those people who like to maintain lots of room flowers, have their own garden and the yard or on the balcony filled with fresh herbs or flowers, then this trick is made precisely for you.

You will hardly believe what kind of effect on your flowers can have a regular baby diaper. Yes, you have read that correctly, the baby diaper will help you with maintenance of your garden and flowers in a way that you wouldn’t even imagine. The premise is very simple, as the matter of fact. All you really need is the water absorbing gel contained in the diapers, and which absorbs water.

Namely, if you soak a regular diaper with water and remove the gel from it, you’ve got a very efficient solution for your flowers, which would keep your flowers with sufficient amount of water and keep your flower healthy and reduce your water bill.

The gel that retains water will water the plants, and for instance the plants you have been watering once a week you can with trick neat trick water every two weeks.

The idea is very simple. Soak the diaper with water, remove the gel from it, take a multi-purpose pot and within that pot mix and same amount of land with a gel. The procedure is so simple that you will hardly believe that you did not think of it yourself.  This entire incredible and innovative process is described in the following clip.