How WD-40 got its name?

This is one of the issues that people are interested in them for unknown reasons. The mysterious name has an interesting story about its origin.

WD-40 is a spray that is used to protect the metal elements of water, and at the same time and corrosion. WD-40 means “Water Displacement, 40th attempt” which when translated means: Water Displacement – water removal, water distribution, water displacement; and figure 40 is due to the 40th attempt.

It is a name originated from the laboratory books chemist Norm Larsen who invented WD-40 in 1953. Norm is trying to put together a chemical formula of liquid that would prevent corrosion – a task that was aimed at displacing from the surface to which it is applied to the liquid. Norm’s persistence paid off when he referred to the 40th attempt perfected the formula.