Marriage = business contract

, Marriage = business contract

Marriage is something that should be taken seriously, but not in the sense of the end of life and fun, but sincere, life-long commitment. Many believe that marriage is not necessarily required, and a large number of those who cannot imagine intimacy without marriage. Love and respect are some values that are important to many people, and those are the values that that no paper can replace, but for some, that “paper” gives the significant value to the relationship between the partners.

Why should marriage be seen as a business contract? Here are a few reasons.

Marriage is a relationship between two people

As in business, there are parties that bear their burdens. Marriage is often very expensive and fraught with difficulties, as well as a job, if you take into account: family, career, children, future goals, money … the list is very long.

We all want to live happily ever after, but the reality is a little different. In the everyday problems we realize that though we do not share the same views, goals and modes of action. Nobody is perfect, but we have to know in advance what we really want and what is the most important.

Put all the cards on the table

Clear and concise communication is an important factor in business world as is in a relationship and marriage. It should make clear what the wishes and expectations of all parties should be specific and clear.

Be brutally honest; know what you want and how to achieve it. If everything is open and clear, there is less room for error in communication.


When both parties are aware of what others want, it’s time to think about what is offered to you, and if that is convenient to you and to the “other party” then the matter is resolved.

In negotiation, if all parties are ready for this, equality is very important, and when all have met the requirements and are satisfied, there will be no place for misunderstanding.

Signing the contract

The moment when all the conditions have been agreed upon, all problems are solved and all the compromises reached.

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