Perfect details for a perfect wedding

The wedding is that one day in a lifetime (if you are lucky) that you want to make everything perfect. You choose the theme, wedding dress, groom, rings, flowers, and countless details and chances are that you very often lack of an inspiration for all those details. No matter what wedding theme you are planning to have, I believe that some of these ideas will at least inspire you in your quest for the perfect wedding details.



Decorative background can be made from various materials and be utilized in many ways. In most cases, backgrounds serve as a decoration or romantic background for the spot on which the wedding ceremony will be held. If add to the background of a few details, you can have a little impromptu photo booth and that decorative wallpaper can be used for photography.

The background can be made and by lighting (piles of miniature lamps), hanging origami’s  , curtains, branches, wooden frames of various shapes and sizes, or made of unusual decorations such as hanging old books.

Vintage detailsNEWS_201_2_635560167416594077

Vintage details of the wedding are very trendy, especially when you choose to use genuine retro items like old suitcases (which can be used to put the guest book, gifts for guests or similar details in), globes, books, vintage frames, old furniture (especially vintage sofas and cabinets with mirrors), old camera, and family albums … These ideas fit neatly into retro themed weddings, but can easily be used for any type of wedding.



Wooden signposts fit in any wedding theme. In addition to looking good, you can use them to inform the visitors of a certain area or use them to mark a special place, such as a desk with a book of impressions or layout tables, dance floor, sweet table … sure that guests will not be lost without them, but the signs can appear very cute. Especially romantic might seem various signs with love messages or quotes. They can be placed on a particular visible place like decorative background, set on wooden tiles and various surfaces like doors and old pallets or frame and put on the table.

Boho bride

NEWS_201_2_635560176256817604Boho style is really experiencing its expansion, especially when we are talking about the brides outfit. A nice, relaxed, natural style wins more and more ladies. In particular, the required details are floral wreaths, boho casual hairstyles, unconventional lace wedding dresses and vintage veils and hair. Even when it is not a boho wedding, bride can still opt for a boho style bouquet with the usual a white dress.

Funky groom


Lately, the grooms are becoming bolder in selecting their wedding styling. Accessory number one is definitely a bow tie, preferably in a bright color or with checkered and dotted patterns. The same applies to suits or those sympathetic humorous details like lapels as a superhero, suspenders and colorful shoes.



Groomsman and bridesmaid styling


More and more newlyweds are opting for groomsman and bridesmaid. If you’re one of them, this is a quest to find the perfect dress for your ladies, and some cool details for boys. As for the bridesmaid dresses, regardless of what the theme of your wedding and what kind of dress do you want, be sure to make sure to be feminine and elegant and that girls feel comfortable in them. But their outfits can enrich wonderful details such as flower-garlands, bouquets, jewelry or corsages.

When it comes to guys, they can be a bit ‘promoted’ clothing accessories such as socks in bright colors, bow ties or colored jacket.

Photo booth


Prepare for the guests set design with funny props for photography. It may be some more backdrops provided for photographing, photo cabin or a simple but impressive background. Photo Corner is an endless source of entertainment and will attract the shyest guests. In addition, the lovely photos will remain a pleasant memory.


Creative stands


Very nice addition to your wedding can be an interesting small stalls full of unusual delicacies that can supplement or completely replace the classic sweet table – like the popcorn variety of flavors (and small paper bags with the names of the bride and groom), colorful candy, chilled drinks like shakes, smoothie- or lemonade, fast food on serving mini hot dogs and hamburgers, small homemade pies, all the way to vintage lorry with ice cream. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Personalized drinks


When it comes to drinks, fast-growing trend are personalized drinks in unusual packaging. Instead of the classic glass bottles can be used in a variety of colors or jars that in modern marriages, it seems, have a wider function. If they put the tags with the names of guests, will be personalized with practical hand, guests will know which drink is theirs.




One of the coolest ways to preserve photos of your guests is to indicate that you want to use the hashtag while casually taking photographs of your wedding and place the pictures on Instagram. Create unique hashtag and place them it in a visible place at the wedding. A great idea is to pre-announce it on the invitations to the wedding.