The rules of a blind date

, The rules of a blind date

Very few people like to go out on a date with strangers, however, such meetings sometimes tend to be successful, because your date was arranged by the person who knows you both and assumes that you have at least some features corresponding to each other.

Be realistic

The first thing you need to do is to set realistic expectations. Your date is not Prince Charming who will at the end of your date fly you to Paris with a private jet. Most likely this will be a decent person as nervous as you are. Also, do not expect to meet with a model that looks like the Vogue catalog. It is therefore important to have realistic expectations.

Conversation topics

Show your willingness to initiate a conversation on a blind date. It can be hard to find something to talk about to someone who is by nature shy and somewhat reserved. Of course, not everyone will be shy, but shyness is completely natural in these situations. It would therefore be good to have a few non-controversial topics that you can talk.

Mute the cell phone

While on a blind date, make sure to put the phone on vibrate. It’s not polite that every now and then your phone rings. It is a matter of good manners. How would you feel if the other side all the time receives and replies to messages, or does the personal calls while on a date with you? But it is essential for security reasons to leave the phone turned on. Also, make sure to say at least a few people where you are.

Careful with alcohol

Do not drink too much. Especially if you’re out on a date with a boring person, you might look at alcohol as a getaway, but it is definitely not recommended. Try to take the best from the date in other ways.

Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately for the date. We all like to leave a good first impression, but if you go to the park, then high heels are not appropriate. Maybe you will feel and look great, but rather put on something that you can walk in. But on the other hand, do not be too sloppy. Settle down, you look good enough, but not too much so as not to look ridiculous or scared.

Second date

If all goes well and you want to go on a second date, tell him. Do not assume that he will know that you have had a lot of fun. Be proactive and give little feedback, so you know that you can call again. You may find that he does not want to go to the date with you again, but it’s better to know, than sit waiting in vain for the call.

, The rules of a blind date
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, The rules of a blind date
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