Overcome the perfectionism in 7 steps

, Overcome the perfectionism in 7 steps

One of the problems that more and more modern people are facing is perfectionism. Perfectionism, as excessive desire to avoid any possible mistakes, imposes the unrealistic goals, and also creates a feeling of stress. If you’re one of those who unconditionally seek perfection in everything they do, and you want to stop this habit, here are a few tips that can help you.

 “Good enough” is enough

Pursuit of perfection often leads to some projects never being finish. Therefore, a “good enough” sometimes really is enough. Find the point at which something is good enough and finish there instead of losing yourself in the details.

Set the deadline

Deadlines are very useful. Setting deadlines will force you to finish something, and not doing it indefinitely.

Striving for perfection is harmful

In the movies, perfectionists might be entertaining, but in real life, they often hurt people around them with their unrealistic expectations. Every times you lose yourself in perfectionism remind yourself to you and everyone around would be better off if you lower your expectations.

You are only human

For everything you do, set human standards and accept life as it is. You need to upgrade yourself during the entire life, but do not expect to reach perfection.

Compare yourself- with yourself

Comparing with other people always leads to feelings of inferiority, but if you compare with what you used to be, you will be able to objectively evaluate your progress.

Do what you think is right

The media and society will try to impose what to think and feel, but when you are not trying to fulfill anybody’s expectations then you have the power, not those around you.

Live by human standards

Emotions, as well as perfectionism are highly contagious. Read magazines with realistic expectations. Reduce the level of perfectionism in your world, so that you can be more realistic. The less time you spend with nervous people who strive for perfection and the more people who are trying to improve and live a good life regardless of the circumstances, the better is for you.

, Overcome the perfectionism in 7 steps
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, Overcome the perfectionism in 7 steps
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