4 steps of home décor

, 4 steps of home décor

No matter how much money invested in home furnishing we will notice that some homes radiate style, and of alignment as soon as we enter them, while others do not give a good impression, no matter what is in them, the most expensive furniture.

The basis of good style in furnishing homes are carefully selected colors, because if you balance the colors in your home, it will leave the impression with a lot more style and sophistication regardless of the price of furniture. Because of this arrangement at home really is true saying that a good style much more worth than money.

Step 1- Cold vs. warm colors

This is the most important step, if that does not define precisely what you want, later you will hardly have harmonized home.

Decide whether you want to edit a home in warm colors or cool.

Cool colors are:

  • lime color,
  • green,
  • Turquoise,
  • blue,
  • pink,
  • purple,
  • Black
  • all shades of gray
  • white

Warm colors:

  • wine color (burgundy)
  • red,
  • orange,
  • brown,
  • a beige,
  • yellow,
  • Olive green,
  • White (white décor is considered neutral and fits with the warm and cold tones, although more effective in cold combinations)

While black and white can be perceived as a neutral color, it is most important not to combine shades of brown and black or gray. Such combinations work unappealing, and will always appear flat messier than it is.

Step 2- Select a basic décor color.

The base color of home décor is usually white or black in the case of cool colors, beige and brown in the case of warm tones.

Step 3- Mind the flooring

Flooring (parquet and laminate) is usually not adjusted to rest at home and you cannot ignore them, but if you are buying carpet it should be aligned.

Step 4 – Golden rule of 3 colors

After you have chosen the basic colors, let the main furniture pieces are of these colors. Follow the rule that you have a maximum of three colors at home, with large pieces of furniture, carpets and paint the walls to choose neutral colors and ornaments and decorative items in expressive colors, so you home would work not impersonal, not too bright.

A stylish decorated home should look harmonious and open, and the colors are complemented rather than repel one another. Of course there are options where it is possible to effectively combine warm and cool colors, but leave such combinations to professional designers, who have much better décor skills than the average person.

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