Permanent make-up

, Permanent make-up

Modern trends dictate the need for physical appearance to be put on a pedestal. Perhaps because of these reasons we have an increasing need for women to make smaller corrections, which will enhance or modify specific facial lines.

Looking good has not only become sayings, but has turned into a lifestyle.  Following this logic, it is no surprise the increasing number of those who decide on permanent makeup.  More than eight million women only in the United States have undergone in lips, eyelids and eyebrows tattoos.

Permanent makeup is the treatment of micro pigmentation organic pigment in the epidermis. Given that the term micro pigmentation used in cosmetic industry, this treatment, also referred to as the temporary tattoo face. Appliances used for permanent makeup have needles that insert micro pigment in the epidermis in the form of contour on the lips and eyelids or plotted in the form of eyebrows. Needle puncture should not violate living cells and nor touching lymph or blood circulation. Therefore, the duration of these tattoos is limited to between three and five years.

This make-up technique was known to the Egyptians. The most famous ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra, believed that only with permanent make-up to be irresistible. However, the 20th century marked a return to the techniques of “drawing” on the face. During the 80”s, most people began to use this technique in order to cover up defects that are caused by different diseases. Whether it comes to scars, effects of chemotherapy or androgenic alopecia, permanent makeup has become the ideal solution.

Before you decide to take this step, experts advise that it would be good thing to require a photo collage from the beauty or tattoo salon.

Also, pay attention to the hygiene conditions of the salon. The question is not only sterilized needles, but to an expert, who performs the entire procedure, should have and sanitary gloves and even a mask.

Prior to the start of the process of permanent make-up, you must to warn about the eventual contraindications.

If you have decided to apply the permanent makeup on the lips, you sould bear in mind that herpes or fever, which is present in the body, can be activated during the development of permanent make-up.

The process can officially begin once you have agreed upon the outlines drawn by the cosmetics or the tattoo artist. Crayon contours based on your face shape and skin tone are drawn on the part you want to do the makeup, and once you have agreed on the shape, the process can begin.

There is no telling that the treatment is painful because of the previously applied local anesthesia, such as those used in dental offices. However, the feeling may be uncomfortable, merely by the fact that it a needle in many can cause fear, even when you decide to take this step.

After the treatment, the skin might feel somewhat tightened, but the irritated area is quickly regenerated. When it comes to professional treatment, you should continue with normal daily activities. However, it is recommended that this procedure is avoided during the summer, to avoid eventual infections.

, Permanent make-up
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, Permanent make-up
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