The way that friends benefit our health

, The way that friends benefit our health

Let’s face it; every one of us has a few real friends. As showed by many researches, even the most social people have a maximum of 10 friends. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to friendship the importance is placed on quality, not quantity. For human normal functioning and sense the presence of other people around you is enough to have a couple of real friends. Have you ever wondered why they are so important? Scientists have compiled a list of as much as 7 reasons why friends are important for human health:


Yes, you read that right. Friends are important because with them we can gossip and it improves our health. In fact studies have shown that people feel better when the other people gossip (usually of poor or inappropriate behavior) and to have someone to share. Gossip even reduces level of stress, and as long the gossiping is not malicious; there is nothing wrong with that.


Although seeing our friends often comes down to drinking coffee, beer and eating junk food, research has shown that our friends can help us stay healthy and slim. It has been proven that people who often hang out with their friends that are slim and skinny, often tend to have a greater motivation for a healthier life, while people generally associate with obese people often gain weight themselves and lead rather inactive life.


Studies also shown that older people with more friends tend to live on average up to 22% longer than those who have little or no friends. It is believed that the solid and regular social relationships with others can improve and maintain mental health, and for the elder people, social gatherings are suitable because they make them smile and draw attention to the positive things in life. This is especially productive if they are meeting with people whom they know from younger days, so they feel and nostalgia and remember some positive moments.


Team sports have proven to raise the spirit of players and even the level of libido, as shown by numerous studies.


We all know that a people and bad relationship can break our hearts, but the best friends in those hard moments mean more than ever and the friends tend to be the ones that bring us back to routine after somewhat traumatic or negative experience. . Hanging out with friends reduces the feelings of loneliness, stress and brings us a smile back face in the rough moments.


Already mentioning the word laugh, makes you remember the persons with whom you laugh the most- of course with best friends. Did you know that laughing from the heart is comparable to the training of low intensity? We tend to stretch a large number of muscles, raise our pulse and breathe faster, which means that more oxygen passes through the cells. When we laugh, we lose and calories, which is another reason to have a good laugh.


We have never needed more support and shoulder to cry on, but when we are burdened with real stress.  Next time you feel the rush of stress and prefer to hide somewhere and scream, call your best friend and share with them your concerns. Even if they are not able to help you with a specific solution, level of stress will decrease by 45% merely talking to them, so even when they are not bringing you the solution, they are helping you, which is a positive thing.

, The way that friends benefit our health
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, The way that friends benefit our health
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