How to detect a fake Facebook profile

, How to detect a fake Facebook profile

Social network Facebook has about 1.35 billion of users, and according to some studies, 20 – 30 % of profiles are fake. Most of them are designed to spread spam and viruses through the network, and Facebook has no way to prevent the creation of new, fake profiles.

In most cases, a fake Facebook profile is very easy to detect. You must have at least one person on your Facebook, friends list that is a false profile. Be witty, be a detective, with a little effort you will not be a problem to discover a fake profile.

We will try to show you some basic information’s so you too can know how to detect a fake profile.

Profile picture

Fake Facebook profile almost always uses an image that is publicly available and can be found on the Internet. Basically it would be a picture of a very pretty girl, regardless of whether it is a male or a female profile.

By using Google Image Search option, we can very simply detect whether the image exists in another profile or online service. When you discover where the image comes from, we can clearly identify whether it is a fake profile or not.


Fake profiles generally share songs and images found on the internet and written posts that are mainly inappropriate. Posts of this type generally do not have any interaction with others, very little or no likes and comments.


Pay attention to the activities of the user, like wall posts, playing games, liking a fan pages and participation in groups and others. If a person did not like any page or they did not join any group, it is clear that the profile is fake.

Date of birth

Check the date and year of birth. Many fake profiles are not paying attention to the selection of the birth and it so happens that the friends are nice pretty girl of 76 years.

“About Me” section

Take a look at the profile information. Place of birth, place of residence, interests, political view, and more. People behind false profiles generally have no specific information and if they do have, then they are written in a word or two. Also, employment is  probably not mentioned because it opens up the possibility of detection.


Inspect who are friends of the profile for which you think that it is false. People behind fake profile have fake profile in their friends.. Strange profile name does not necessarily mean that the profile is false.


Fake profiles do not have the time for the daily updates on their profile, posting statuses or making other activities on the social network. It often happens that the time difference between the two became more than two weeks which clearly says, if continuous, that is a fake profile.


People behind false profiles generally have large grammatical errors. They tend to feel anonymous and therefore, they are expressing themselves extremely rude and inappropriate.

Be careful on who you add as the “friend”

Think twice when you adding or confirming someone for your Facebook friend. Ask them a question about why they want to be your friend and they found you. Follow the profile picture and profile name because in combination with other data, it can be very useful.

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