Usefull tips for growing a mustache

, Usefull tips for growing a mustache

If you are one of those who want to look more masculine with a mustache, do not embark in this adventure if you have not read a few basic rules and tips. Otherwise, you risk that they look like a cheap retro porn star or director of some of the socialist labor organization from ’87 year.

Think about the shape of your face

Like the shirt or jacket, not every mustache fit any man. Moustaches are very personal thing. The shape and density vary from person to person. For angular face are recommended a thick mustache that exceed the width of the edge of the lips. On the other hand, people with oval face should go with a slightly triangular shape of the mustache and medium width.

Start with a beard

While growing the mustaches, and be sure growing the beard as well. During the transitional period you might look very funny and messy especially half-full mustache, but this opens various options for the perfect mustache shape. Forget the shaving until you have collected enough material to work on. Only then you can choose the shape and density of mustaches which will compliment your face the best.

Prepare the tools

If you do not already have razor with a single blade, get it. This will be a key tool for maintaining forms a mustache. It’s small and agile enough that you can access with it any place on the face and accurately shape the corners. In addition to razor, you will need a small scissors to trim the long mustache.

Take time for maintenance

For the majority time, the mustaches maintain themselves. There is no too much work on maintaining them. .But they still do require certain amount of time. Do not let that mustache wild and comb them once a day. It is not bad idea to have wax for mustaches, especially if they are longer and need to be reshaped. Trim the mustache once a week. Remember to always shave off the mustache dry, because look they longer when wet.

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