How to be conscious 30 year old

, How to be conscious 30 year old

Today, unlike the past, the whole process of growing up and becoming independent takes a little longer. The thirties are nowadays the years of come significant life turning points, such as gaining independence, getting married, having children and gaining financial responsibility.

These are some of the financial things you need to consider if you are in this age:

Retirement savings 

Put aside at least 10% of your income for retirement. It may seem silly because even now you do not have enough, but in retirement this will certainly be a lot more difficult.

Spend wisely 

You’ve already figured out what suits you and what not. Do not spend too much money on experimentation. Of course, sometimes you have to afford new things, but not every month.

Appreciate your time

Appreciate your time; simplify all the jobs you can. To avoid having a messy apartment, unpaid bills, perform all the tasks when necessary. Instead of spending free time on the couch, use it for something better than a TV or computer.

Take responsibility 

Even though you do not have your family, it does not mean you have to be completely free. There are certainly people for whom you need to take responsibility and help them, whether they are your parents, younger brother or sister.

Invest in yourself

Many people do not find necessary to invest in themselves. Educate yourself; enroll in different courses to those who can help you in your current job and those which are interested, although they have nothing to do with your current employment.


Are you satisfied with current job? If you are still not too late to improve in the direction you want to work. Right now, while you do not have your family, you can spare time to devote to your hobbies or other jobs in which you can achieve a career.


Save for an apartment. If you do not have a family, it will be too late to save when you already have.

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