Can you install the Windows 10 on your device


The new release of Microsoft’s operating system called Windows 10 could appear as early as July. Windows 10 among other things brings new features such as digital assistant Cortana, return to the Start menu and the desktop as an important part of the user experience for owners of desktops and laptops. Start screen should be primarily intended for devices with touchscreen.

According to the available data, it can be concluded that, if your computer can easily work on Windows 8.1, will likely be able to work with Windows 10. The installation software should definitely check if your computer is powerful enough before you start the installation of the new edition of the OS.

For Windows 10 Technical Preview is necessary to have a processor with working tact of 1 GHz (or faster), one GB (32-bit) or two GB (64-bit), 16 GB of free hard disk space, and a graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 9 with a WDDM driver. Minimum screen resolution of 1,024-by-768 pixels is recommended. The same as with the Windows 8, for the latest Windows OS installation you should have a Microsoft account and an Internet connection.

Upgrade Assistant should provide an answer to the question corresponds to the requirements of dozens of computer. For now offers information can your device handle the 8.1 system.

Before checking, make sure to connect peripheral devices you use (such as a mouse, USB devices, printers, external hard drives and the like), to confirm and their compatibility.

To start the verification, click the Download Windows Upgrade Assistant for your version of Windows. You should receive a response as to whether the hardware that you use ready for the Windows 10 or not.

If you are concerned about peripherals, check the manufacturers’ sites to inform yourself whether they are compatible with Windows 10. It is possible that the Assistant will take you back to the Windows Compatibility Center again and highlight the closest option to your device, making sure the marked appropriate edition of Windows. If compatible, the hardware should be highlighted in green. Pay attention to the links – there are necessary drivers.

There are several ways you can upgrade your computer to Windows 10

If you currently use 7 or 8.1, you should be able to access free updates using Windows Update. Note that you must perform the upgrade in the first 12 months of the official publication. If you have a legal copy, the upgrade should be no problem.

The same applies to pre-install Windows, if you did not switch to a new computer. If so, so far it is unlikely that the upgrade is resolved for your case. If you try to upgrade to Windows pirated, the latest Windows upgrade will also be illegal.

If you currently use the Windows 8, you must first upgrade to 8.1, and then to 10. If you have installed the Technical Preview, it is possible that you will be able to upgrade to the full version directly. Microsoft is yet to confirm those informations.