DIY concrete flower pot

, DIY concrete flower pot

If you are a person who loves plants and which also takes care of them, you definitely need a lot of space and plenty of pots in which you keep them. Size pots are chosen in accordance with the size of the plants that you plant in it. Large plants require a lot of space, while small plants do not need much space. If you have a little free time you create flower pots of a shape and size that fits your needs and likes.

Here’s a list of materials and tools you need:

  • Several vessels, larger and smaller
  • Quick-setting cement
  • Mixing bowl
  • water
  • mixing spatula
  • oil

Cement should be mixed in the ratio of 5 to 1 (5 parts cement – one part water).

Step 1:

Mix the mass, and stir it well. Once the cement is thoroughly mixed, pour it into a mold that you have decided for your flower pot to be.

Step 2:

Choose two vessels, one smaller and one larger. Bigger one can be irregular in shape but make sure that there are no horizontal inner folds.  It would be a smart idea to cover the vessels with oil. Apply the oil on the outside of the smaller containers.

Step 3:

Fill the larger container with concrete to about 3 cm below the upper edge of the container. You can tap the container to a firm surface a couple of times to eliminate all the air bubbles that are formed in the cement, and have more compact flower pot once it is dry.

Step 4:

Insert the smaller container in the larger container that you have filled with concrete. Do not go to the bottom of a future concrete flowerpot.

Step 5:

Put something heavy in a smaller bowl and let it stand for 48 hours. Meanwhile, occasionally, cover the concrete with water.

Step 6:

Remove the bowl and you will see the end result of this simple DIY project.

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