How to arrange your office in accordance with Feng Shui principles

Feng Shui is believed to affect positive on your inner peace and allows you to get closer to the harmony with nature. Even if you are not siding with the ancient, oriental ways, you have to admit that clean office, with pleasant decorations and nature elements relaxes and stimulates your mind more than smoky, hybrid, cramped, disorganized office with tons of scriptures around you.

Many people consider Feng Shui to be the key contributor to both personal and business success.

Take your office from the rest of the house

We have all heard the saying not to bring work home. This should be the case even if you are working from home. Bear in mind that your home should be a quiet, relaxing place where you can relax after a hard day at work. If the office is connected to the bigger room of your home, that part should be isolated with bookshelves, shelves, display, curtain or large plants.


Your backs turned to window symbolically represent introversion and susceptibility. The best position of the body while working would be with the back against the wall, and preferably with a picture of the lake, the sun, and mountains or other nature scenes.

The next best position is at right angles separated by a hallway, facing the wall with some water element as a fish tank, a picture of the lake or even an abstract picture with lines that imitate the water flows.

Your working desk can be filled with energy by adding to it the objects that symbolize the five elements. As an example, you can follow Lo Shu template:

Place glasses or drinking cups on the north of the table

Place crystal paperweight on the northeast of the table

Port for computer should be facing northwest

Put some fresh flowers on the east

Place a small green plant on the southeast of the table

Set the office lamp or something red in the south


Flat ceilings are best suited for the successful circulation of Chi. If you have the slopping wall on the ceiling of the office , or oval ceiling, you can hang the mobile to sway harmoniously and create genuine sounds or bamboo branch in the form of a flute that have the same effect. As most people work in the cities, so is their view through the window, the city, the cars will be factories, mostly unnatural objects that you can cover up the flowers, cactus or bamboo. These are plants that symbolize inner peace and good fortune, and make a perfect addition to your home office. Each plant with sharp leaves is preferred because it is believed to absorb negative energy from the environment.


Always take a walk 5 minutes before entering the office, also make is going, as another measure of separating work from personal life. You leave the space between furniture around 10-25 cm, so energy can easily circulate around room.

Clean your office

After each working day, ventilate and clean up the office, at least superficially, to prevent build-up of pests and dust that has a negative effect to respiratory system.


Put a picture of a pond or waterfall on the east side of the office. It also represents the flow of energy. If you are able to obtain the aquarium, put it in your sight, but far enough that you would not be distracted by hyperactive fish.


Place a green, smooth plant on a shelf in the corner closest to the water element. But it is not advised to not put the one with pointed leaves, for it is considered that it evoke negative emotions in people when placed near the doors. If you are known for their lack of care for the plants, a simpler solution is to use an artificial.

Also, consider setting the jars with water near the entrance, it does not look ridiculous, decorate it with water colors.

If you are still skeptical, try the Feng Shui, you have nothing to lose, and you can get be positively surprised.