How to re-use old jeans

, How to re-use old jeans

Each of us has at least one, if not more of jeans that we no longer wear standing at the bottom of the closet.

Although the shops are full of super cute shorts and the choice is indeed big, why not try to  save a few dollars and gets crafty and have a piece of clothing that is original. Pull out those old jeans out of the closet, and make new and adorable clothes out of old rags.

Washed jeans

You’ll get the washed off jeans if you put three liters of bleach in three liters of water. in this project, make sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and dip portion of jeans that would like to fade out. Dip the part of jeans that you want to have that washed effect into that solution and let it stand no longer than 20 minutes. Once you’ve pulled out the pants from bleach, rinse them with water and vinegar and wash in the washing machine, dry then and your shorts are ready to wear!


The trousers are probably the most effective cloths that can have details like washed parts, beads, studs, etc. Our absolute favorite are shorts are those with lace patches that you get cutting materials which you’ll sew to the desired location. Shorts decorated with this motif have that antique charm and exude romance.

Textile Dyes

To begin this project, prepare the tape, textile colors and brush. Once you have prepared the materials required, make a plan for decorating. Now let your imagination run wild and in alliance brush make art on the piece of clothing. Place the tape and carefully apply the color between the tape and leave overnight to dry. After drying, remove the tape and voila your shorts are hot!

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