How to use the AdBlock extension for blocking advertisements

The task of this amendment is blocking advertisements on Web sites that users visit, that the average user can be really annoying, or may affect the reduction in the rate of opening visited page.

Find your AdBlock depending on which browser you are using:

Google chrome:



Internet Explorer:

Click on the Add to Firefox / Mozilla / Opera …

And that’s it! AdBlock will self install. On the right side of the status bar will show a small red icon.

All advertising with most web sites will suddenly disappear.

Work of AdBlock you can control by clicking on the red icon.

You can pause the operation of the addition and run it when you need it again. When you pause all advertisements will be back.

By clicking the “Do not run on this side” you can disable AdBlock the selected side. This means that the selected page advertisements appear while the other still will not run.