Taking care of a rabbit during the summer period

, Taking care of a rabbit during the summer period

It is important to provide additional care and refreshment to bunnies especially during the long, hot summer days.

Here are some tips to help your rabbit to feel comfortable in the summer months.

Unlike humans, rabbits do not sweat and thus can not maintain normal body temperature, so it is important to help them to cool, especially if the temperature outside is higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

If the rabbit is placed outside the house, make sure it has covered part in order to have enough shade. In the house, place the rabbit in the coldest room, or put a fan to cool the space. Additionally, you can put a ceramic tile in the cage so that the rabbit can lie on it to slightly cool, or a bottle of cool water, by which the rabbit can lye and cool down.

At the beginning of the summer, the rabbit begins to increasingly shed to dispel its thick winter fur. This means that the rabbit hair can be found everywhere. Rabbits, like a cat, are licking their fur and often have problems with the swallowed hairs that directly clogs the digestive system. In order to avoid this brush the rabbit daily, and remove all the exessive hair that is in his cage and surrounding.

During the summer months, rabbits feel the natural need to increase cool water intake, so make sure you always have enough fresh water. Give him a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rabbits are intolerant of heat and heat stroke is common. If your rabbit limps, dejected was half asleep or does not respond, these are all symptoms of heat stroke. It is important to seek veterinary help, because this situation can lead to brain damage

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