What is Cyanogen?

, What is Cyanogen?

Microsoft is allegedly planning to make a step forward and invest in the Cyanogen. It is about producing high quality and stable customROM’s. If you even remotely follow the Android scene then you know that the CyanogenMod is one of the best CustomROM’s online. If it turns out that the allegations are true, Microsoft should invest about 70 million dollars in this project, and thus place Google in an awkward situation. Specifically, Google has already tried to redeem Cyanogen to maintain a monopoly when it comes to Android platform.
As things currently stand, if Microsoft becomes part of the Cyanogen story, everything will become much more interesting, as seen from the point of view of the consumers of their products. According to some reports, CyanogenMod is used by more than 50 million of users which is excellent number when considering the complication of installing CyanogenMod, which was recently overcomed.

On the other hand, this news is surprising when one considers that Microsoft already has its own operating system for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1, and recent Windows Mobile 10. Cyanogen so far did not make anything other than operating systems such as Android’s.

Microsoft’s Cyanogen’s could have a huge impact on Android’s ecosystem. Around one billion Android phones are produced annually and placed on the market, which contributes to the growth of popularity of this platform. This growth and progress of the Android platform is somehow indirectly related to the growth CynogenMOD’s and company Cyanogen general.

If this really happens, we believe that Microsoft will not make a modified version of the Windows Phone OS, but that the focus will be on what a better synchronization with Microsoft products, both software and hardware. Also, we believe that Microsoft could use Cyanogen so that more thrust claws on Google’s market. Of course, the biggest problem of this type of OS is the access to the applications, because as the Microsoft project, the Cyanogen will not be able to access to Google Play Store.

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