How to potty-train your dog

, How to potty-train your dog

Experts and veterinarians suggest that the puppy can learn to pee and poop always in the same place if you train them well. When you notice that the dog is restless and that has tended to exercise an emergency, you need to command him where it can do the emergency via the -word or command. Bear in mind to keep the command word short, for the shorter it is, the more you will be able to repeat it, and the dog will be easier to remember it.

Bear in mind that the word that indicates that certain command, in this case, exercising the emergency, should be used at the same time and only when the dog has to perform their basic needs, because the animals will not understand or accept it otherwise.

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If you use the technique of word-order, the dog will soon associate the act with that word.

Another method used for potty training the dog is to use a newspaper. In this case, cover with the newspapers area designated for doing the emergencies. It is understood that this area has to be away from the place where the dog is eating and sleeping.

When changing the newspapers, papers that were below should be placed on top, and the new papers should be placed under.  In this way, we show the dog to the scent and visual, which is the place intended. If the dog reacts positively, it should reward him by giving him a treat.

It is also recommended that the puppy, when it arrives in the house, is placed in one room, which can be, for example, the kitchen, because that room is usually covered with tiles that are easy to clear if the dog food spills or has emergency accidents.

In addition, if you learn the dog to spend most of his time in one room, that habit will most likely save your furniture, especially those more valuable assets such as carpets, cupboards … In time, and the dog will be free to run around, although under your supervision, in order to meet the perfection of their new home and its occupants.

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