Decoupage eggs – How to decorate eggs with napkins

, Decoupage eggs – How to decorate eggs with napkins

Technique of decorating eggs with napkins is very simple and very effective. This method can be an excellent activity to do with your children and genuinely in preparation for Easter and decorating Easter eggs your whole family can participate.

For this activity it is necessary to prepare:

  • boiled eggs
  • various napkins
  • scissors
  • egg white
  • brush

Step 1:

Clear the kitchen table or a bigger surface where you can all sit down. Previously, whip the egg white and put in a bowl.

Step 2:

Make sure to find various napkins with interesting patterns that will sure make your Easter basket more vivid.

Step 3:

Whip the egg whites and prepare brush (either smaller or bigger, but bear in mind that the smaller brush is better if you are dedicated to small details, but there is no difference in the work between the big or small brush).

Step 4:

Place the cut napkin pattern on the boiled egg and slowly from one end start gently brushing the brush that is well soaked in egg white over the napkin pattern. Go around, because this technique tends to make little creases on the napkin. Treat those creases with a brush or your fingers; you will see a motive adhere to the egg as it is bonded. If you have several smaller napkin samples, make sure to repeat the process on every pattern.

Step 5:

Leave to dry, when the pattern is still wet from the egg white, its color is somewhat darker, but once dry, you will get the right color. When thoroughly dry, brush the egg and napkin pattern with oil.


1. When cutting napkin pattern, you will notice that some napkins have two or three layers. Disconnect only the layer with the image, it will be thinner and thus less likely to crease and nicer to be shaped by the egg.

2. Look for smaller motifs, curls will be smaller. If the motif is somewhat larger, try to make the curls with your fingers a little flat. Always start from the middle to the end, especially if the motives are a little bigger.

3. Best results are done on unpainted eggs, if you paint first then use softer colors.

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