Repel the bees with essential oils

If you are a lover of outdoor exercises, but your enjoyments is threatened by fighting the numerous of bees and wasps, you can hardly enjoy that nice weather.

Of course, it is not pleasant when you constantly are being harassed by bees and wasps, because of the fear of being stung by them and not enjoying your activities. That is especially stressful to the people that are allergic to the bees and wasps.

Apart from the various products that can repel these boring insects, there are other tips which can help you fully enjoy those sweet drinks without undue interference from the wild population.

Eucalyptus oil

Although eucalyptus plants repel wasps when placed in the ground, this method is not the most effective. The oil works better when applied directly to the skin or in the field or area where wasps live. If applied to the skin, make sure to dilute it with water. Eucalyptus oil works effectively to deter wasps when mixed with other essential oils, for example, lavender oil.

Citronella oil

Citronella oil, commonly used to repel mosquitoes, will work to repel wasps and other insects, although the frequent application is necessary. The oil works more effectively than plants, although several plants placed on the ground in the area of residence of the wasps could drive them away.

Cloves oil

Eugenol, commonly referred to as clove oil, can quickly reppel several species of insects, including wasps. The oil is safe to apply directly to the plants and safe for use on the skin , once diluted in water. The scent of cloves will not remain, and the clove does not have any other side effects. Dilute the oil with water and pour into a plastic spray bottle.

Mint oil

Spearmint and other mints can be grown with tomatoes and other plants repel wasps and other insects. Mint oil and mint are great eco-friendly alternative to pesticides that can kill wasps and other insects, including hornets, cockroaches and ants. Mint prefers places that contains a lot of sun but will grow easily in almost any environment.